Q: How extreme are the workshops? Do I need to be a top athlete to attend?

A: It all depends on the workshop. Some are very accessible to anyone with a decent level of fitness and the ability to function on limited sleep, while others while cover serious hiking distance with heavy packs, or will need you to be comfortable working in a vertical environment. No matter what, you don't need to be nearly as good an athlete as the ones we are likely to photograph! If you have any doubts on whether you will be able to attend a given workshop, just get in touch.

Q: Do I need to be an accomplished photographer already? What if I just want to get more familiar with my camera?

A: One of the benefits of being in small groups is that Alex will be happy to tailor the workshop to your skill level and what you are looking to get out of the workshop. That being said, you will probably get the most out of your time with us if you are already familiar with how to operate your camera and have a basic understanding of key photography concepts.

Q: Do I need professional camera equipment?

A: Absolutely not. You could probably show up with just your phone and still get some great images, though you would of course benefit from a recent camera. If you are looking to upgrade your equipment before a workshop, we'd be happy to give you some advice on what might be the most useful on our trip.

Q: Can my non-photographing spouse/friend join me on the workshop?

A: As long as there are spots available and that they don't mind rising early to catch sunrise with us, they are very welcome to join. Get in touch with us to figure out a discounted price.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A:Cancellations for any reason depends on timing:

  • More than 120 days before the beginning of the workshop: full refund, including deposit, minus a US $150 service charge.

  • 60 to 119 days before the workshop: refund minus the deposit.

  • Less than 60 days: no refund, unless someone takes your spot.

If we have to significantly alter the workshops's itinerary or dates (e.g. if natural disaster or, say, a global pandemic shuts things down), we will present you with the alternative and offer for you to cancel for a full refund.

Q: What is included in the workshops?

A: This will vary for each workshop, but in general, it will look something like


  • Instruction

  • Lecture space

  • Coffee/water/snacks

  • Specialized equipment (ropes, ascenders, etc)

  • Park fees, campground reservations, permits, etc

  • Athletes time and model releases

  • Mountain guide, if applicable

Not included:

  • Accommodation

  • Transportation from your home to base and during the workshop

  • Meals

  • Camera equipment

  • Personal climbing/skiing/hiking equipment


If your question isn't answered above, shoot us a quick email using the form, or just on public@alexbuisse.com.